POGO is a French artist, currently living in Southampton UK. He specialises in complex, multi layer stencils, always pushing the boundaries of his technique.

He was a headline artist at Cheltenham Paint Festival 2018 and has painted at Upfest, Beeston Paint Festival, Southsea Paint Jam and various locations in the UK producing a variety of styles on diverse surfaces. 

POGO was a finalist at the Sydney Stencil Art Prize (2015/2016), and winner of the Kutz Stencil Art Awards in Bristol (2015).

With group exhibitions in both France and the UK, PoGo has his first solo show in Southsea in June 2020.


Pogo Format : 60 x 90 cm Technique : Pochoir et aérosol sur toile Année 2017
Pogo Format : Diamètre 39 cm Technique : Pochoir et aérosol sur bois Année 2017